A Basic Guide to Real Money Baccarat

In the card game of real money baccarat, players compete against the banker to obtain a combined total of nine without ever going over. Here, our professionals examine the top real money online baccarat casinos, the regulations, and more.

What Is Real Money Baccarat?

In the casino card game of baccarat, both the player and the banker draw cards in an effort to attain a total value of 9 without going over. When playing the land-based version, six to eight decks of cards are typically stacked together and placed around an oval table.
With real money bets and profits, real money baccarat is essentially the same game played online. A random number generator (RNG), which simultaneously assumes the roles of the dealer and banker, controls the games in this scenario.

The Basic Rules of Baccarat

When playing baccarat, the player and banker compete to get two or three cards with a combined value of 9, or as near to 9, as they can (but without exceeding it). The winner is the one who controls this, but there are some guidelines you must follow.

Hand Values

- Cards with values ranging from two to nine (of any suit) have the face value depicted on the card.
- Cards having a value of ten, as well as the Jack, Queen, and King, have no worth (also known as baccarat).
- The ace is worth one point

The First Draw

When the game begins, both the player and the banker will be dealt two cards. The worth of the two cards must be added up by each player and the banker.

When the total value of the two cards is 10 or greater, just the second digit is considered. So, if you receive two sevens, your score is four (7 + 7 = fourteen, so four); if you get two fives, your score is zero (5 + 5 = ten, so zero). However, if the total value of the two cards is eight or nine, this is called a natural. The winning hand is the one that receives a natural.

The Third Card

If neither the player nor the banker achieves a natural on the first draw, one or both may draw a third card. This is only possible if the player's or banker's hand has a combined value of zero to five. If the value is six or seven, both players must stand.

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